Best Plants for Bathroom That Looks Awesome

In these times, houseplants are becoming very popular among the homeowners for decor and scientific benefits. It is not only limited to living spaces now but there are best plants for bathroom that are gaining demand in the market.

A bathroom can also be a good place to keep plants to maintain its humidity and beauty.  There are low light plantswhich don’t require direct sunlight to grow, it means there is no issue if your bathroom don’t have a big window or now window.

15 Best Plants for Bathroom for Freshness and Greenery

1. Spider Plant

This plant has more capabilities than its bright light look. It can grow in low light space and can also handle less humidity of a room.

According to environmentalists, the range of relative humidity for a home between 30% and 50% is considered good.

2. Peace Lily

Peace lily can grow with less care and in limited light. When it is not flowering, start watering regularly and shift it to a little brighter spot.

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3. Bird's Nest Fern

This one of the best bathroom plants can grow in soft light. If you have a dark bathroom, it can brighten up with its beauty.

4. Maidenhair Fern

If you are looking for hanging bathroom plants, then maidenhair fern is a good option to choose. It looks pretty, requireds little more bright light to survive.

Keep in mind never put it in front of direct sunlight, always provide indirect light, otherwise it will be gone.  

5. Aglaonema

Another plant for dark bathrooms, it is able to tackle the low light presence inside the space. It prefers to live in with light moisture which makes it perfect for any bathroom.

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6. Orchids

There are different genera of plants that exist in theOrchidaceae family. Many orchid bathroom plants that absorb moisture are more suitable as compared to those species prefer to plant in soil.

7. Fiddle Leaf Fig

As it has big leaves which makes it ideal for a bigger bathroom. Fiddle leaf fig required little more care. Its leaf likes bright light consistently and loves wet and warm surroundings.

8. Majesty Palm

You may be familiar with this plant after all it is one of the most popular indoor plants. It doesn’t afraid humidity can also tolerate low light inside the bathroom. 

9. Bromeliad

A perfect plant for humid bathrooms, prefers to stay moist.Bathroom should have a window because bromeliad like bright and indirect light.

10.  Snake Plant

The snake likes humidity and low light can’t stop it from growing. Definitely recommended for the bathroom because it’s stunning leaves.

11. Golden Pothos

This plant can tolerate both bright and low light as long as it is indirect. In too dry air its leaves turn brown.

12.  Tradescantia Zebrina

It loves to thrive in a higher humidity level environment. In dry surroundings, its leaves start to change its color to brown which personally I don’t like.

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13. Calathea

Calathea likes to have higher humidity around sixty percent.It prefers bright light and also enjoys taking showers occasionally with warm water.    

14. Bamboo

There is no problem if your bathroom doesn't have enough light, bamboo can grow with it. You can easily put it in corner of your bathroom.

15. Rex Begonia

Its leaves look very interesting in design and color. Put this plant on the bathroom self so it can enjoy humidity and bright light too.

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